Hulletts_Farm_Objection_Presentation.pdf (the presentation from the meeting on 15th June, outlining suggested topics for objections)
18-00843-OUT_Application_pack.pdf (the planning application)
Example_Objection.pdf   (an example of an objection lodged by Mr. G. Bird)
Hatch_Road_Appeal_Decision.pdf   (the appeal decision to reject the Hatch Road development - shows some grounds that might successfully be used to object to the Hullett's Farm application)
Ward_Councillors_Leaflet.pdf (leaflet distributed locally by ward councillors - contains contact details)
Minute-of-OLRA-Meeting-2018-06-15.pdf (minutes from the meeting at Bentley Social Club on Friday 15th June 2018)
Officer-Report.pdf (planning officer's report recommending refusal)
18_00843_OUT--692661_DN.pdf (Brentwood Council Decision Notice refusing permission)
Appeal_Notification_2019-01-09.pdf (Notification letter regarding appeal ref: H1515/W/18/3217023)
RevisedAppealDate2019-01-23 (Notification of earlier date - 6th Feb - for appeal submissions)
HulletsFarmAppeal1.pdf (leaflet about the appeal from Cllr Vicky Davies, distributed locally)
Highways_Appeal_Ref_H1515W183217023.pdf (Essex Highways Dept. response to appeal)