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A submission was made 5th  March to the Planning Inspectorate. This submission made reference to the major concerns that we (Orchard Lane Residents Association) have about the appellant's additional documentation and proposals. This submission was delayed as we were waiting for various appendices referred to in the appellant's Statement of Case to be made available. Unfortunately the appellant appears to have failed to produce this documentation. A number of discussions have taken place with the case officer at the Planning Inspectorate and with the Planning Officer at the Local Planning Authority (Brentwood Council) to understand content and strategy of our submission.


From discussions with Essex Highways it seems that no one (Essex Highways or Brentwood Council) is prepared to support the local view that the proposed site exit opposite the village hall at the end of the Straight Mile is an accident waiting to happen. 


We now believe that every option open to residents to get this appeal thrown out has been pursued based upon the criteria set within the National Planning Policy Framework 2019. 

We now await a decision from the Planning Inspector on whether to throw out or delay the appeal or go to either a written response or public hearing. It seems there are a number of potential processes, hopefully all of which end up with the application being thrown out but with an undefined timescale. As soon as we hear anything we will circulate it to all members. 

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