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BREAKING NEWS: 7th Feb:  A very disappointing response from Essex County Council Highways Department to the Secretary of State as follows:

"A Transport Assessment has now been provided to support the appeal and it has been duly considered. The Highway Authority is satisfied that a suitable access to the proposed development site can be provided. It would also accept that the number of trips generated by the site can be accommodated within the local highway network without detriment to highway safety, capacity and efficiency. Furthermore, there is the possibility to provide a suitable crossing of the registered byway, which will protect its continued use.

Consequently, from a highway and transportation perspective, the impact of the proposal is acceptable to the Highway Authority subject to the following requirements (should the appeal be successful)"

Our Councillor Barry Aspinell and our Chairman Ian Palmer have both responded raising concerns and asking for clarification on aspects of their decision.  ECC Highways full response can be seen here


The closing date for comments on this appeal has been verbally agreed by the Secretary of State to 20th February 2019 due to missing appendices in the appeal submission.


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